Work: Any painting, sculpture or any other work of art available for purchase by Dag Modern Pvt. Ltd. (DAG)

Seller: Dag Modern Pvt. Ltd. (DAG)

Buyer: An individual/organization who agrees to buy artwork from DAG.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

  • All invoices will be raised by DAG based on the registration information provided by the Buyer or amended at the time of finalizing a purchase. Payments will be accepted only from the registered Buyer. In the event that a payment is sent by a person other than the registered Buyer, it may either be returned or could result in a delay in processing the order until the Seller decides whether a variation from the registration details may be accepted.
  • Payments once made to DAG are non-refundable.
  • In case of an overseas sale, payments will be accepted only in US$ in order to avoid discrepancies in exchange rate.
  • Applicable Taxes (VAT/CST) should also be borne by the Buyer at the rate prevailing at the time of raising the invoice. This will be added in the Invoice.
  • In case the artwork delivery address is in the same city of the Seller’s address, the delivery will be done free of cost. In case the delivery address is in another city/country, the packing and freight charges should be borne by the Buyer over and above the actual price of the artwork. This additional cost will be calculated and added in the “Invoice” as per the “Buyer’s” advice.
  • Custom Duty, if any, applicable in case of an overseas buyer will have to be borne by the Buyer.
  • Sales Tax Authorities of a few States in India require certain Sale Tax Forms to allow entry of artworks into their State. It will be the responsibility of the Buyer to obtain such Sale Tax Forms, if required, and provide the same to the Seller, to enable the Seller to dispatch the artwork.
  • All supporting documents related to the artwork/s shall be delivered only with the artwork.
  • Purchase Terms: Mode of payment:– By bank transfer/demand draft/account payee cheque/debit or credit cards/RTGS/NEFT. Delivery of artwork:– The artwork will be delivered only after the Seller receives the clear fund in its bank account.
  • The buyer agrees to abide by all provisions prescribed in these terms and conditions and warrants that all information submitted is true and accurate (including without limitation the credit card number and expiration date), and agrees to pay all costs, charges and all applicable taxes for the purchases made.
  • All copyright in material relating to the Work vesting with the Seller shall remain with the Seller. Seller reserves the right to exploit all such copyright.
  • Antiquities and Art Treasures are not allowed to be exported out of India as per The Antiquities & Art Treasures Act, 1972. An undertaking to this effect is required to be given by the Buyer to the Seller if an Antiquity/National Art Treasure is purchased.
  • All artworks, whether on display at the Gallery or on the website, is supported by an authenticity certificate.
  • We do not entertain Return and Cancellation in any circumstances.