Every artwork is unique and at the same time vulnerable to the malice of nature, making its maintenance impending. In order to sustain the marvel of such oeuvres, it is important to support them with espousal measures. Also, the exhibit of such invaluable works must not only be protective but also be optimal, to accentuate the aesthetic experience. In the recent speculators have tried to commoditize art, resulting in the spouting up of undeserving works and artists, thus one must be most vigilant while procuring art. For art to satisfy all its deliverables – beauty, brains and bounty; collections must be professionally created, managed and celebrated.

DAG's offers a wide range of services from which clients can meet their individual needs and interests. For practical purposes, these services have been divided into the broad categories listed below:

Most art works in all their brilliance are also vulnerable to the mischief of nature, thus the need to protect them becomes inevitable. At the same time their aesthetic beauty shouldn’t be compromised.

To give the correct effervescence to work without affecting their physical condition requires proficiency in both science and décor. An aesthetically pleasing environment also helps churn energies delivering a congenial work or living environment.

Learn from our in house team of experts how to correctly display your works, while

  • Avoiding damage
  • Ensuring longevity
  • Providing proper lighting
  • Choosing ideal locations
  • Creating a hi-tech digital display

Curated Digital displays can also be created representing a particular theme, this also helps to overcome space limitations and at the same time exhibiting large collections.

Quick Facts

  • Improper storage may cause abrasion of the image in areas which rub against another work stacked above or against glazing material in contact with the paper.
  • Moths and wood lice, among other pests, feed on frames and canvas. The acids contained by the feces of most insects are likely to result in permanent blemishes to your artwork
  • Exposure to uncontrolled humidity and direct sunlight can lead to discolouration of the art work.
  • Although it is important that the wall fixtures supporting the frame are rust free, the rust solution (used to treat rusted fixtures) can spread on to the canvas if not applied in a specific manner.
  • The quality of the frames used can also affect the life of the canvas.
  • The tensile strength (pressure enduring ability of a canvas due to stretching for the purpose of framing) varies for each canvas and if unattended to, could lead to tearing.