An art collection is never incidental – it has to be built up slowly and with considerable expertise. While it is true that art must first appeal to our senses, if those senses are not suitably trained, we can end up with extremely mediocre art. It is here that the help of Dag Modern's expert team will prove useful to you. Because of DAG's experience in sourcing, and our large network, DAG will be able to provide opportunities that no other institution can provide. The Process:

  • Our experts track opportunities for you, and share a presentation of recommended acquisitions and sale opportunities.
  • A team sources artworks or tracks buyers for you based on your established requirements.
  • We provide you with access to an extensive library of information on artists, exhibitions, publications and art market trends, including dozens of DAG publications.
  • A financial analyses and graphical representation of the recommended works and the art market developed by our team of experts is shared with you.
  • Each artwork will be extensively researched, its provenance checked and price verified.