Every artwork is unique and at the same time vulnerable to the malice of nature, making its maintenance impending. In order to sustain the marvel of such oeuvres, it is important to support them with espousal measures. Also, the exhibit of such invaluable works must not only be protective but also be optimal, to accentuate the aesthetic experience. In the recent speculators have tried to commoditize art, resulting in the spouting up of undeserving works and artists, thus one must be most vigilant while procuring art. For art to satisfy all its deliverables – beauty, brains and bounty; collections must be professionally created, managed and celebrated.

DAG's offers a wide range of services from which clients can meet their individual needs and interests. For practical purposes, these services have been divided into the broad categories listed below:

The greatness of a work it much determined by the information generated around it. One of the greatest causes of discomfort faced by collectors is their inability to reiterate that one significant piece of information about that particular art work at the right time. It takes immense time, effort and practiced expertise to collect and organise information and make it accessible at all times.

There are many factors that contribute to the making of a fine collection, of which research is of utmost importance. The more legacy that can be traced to a work and if presented in an orderly manner, the more fervor it generates, thus delivering more economic value.

Equipped with a dedicated and competent Archiving, Documentation & Research staff and the invaluable resources within the DAG Archive, DAG offers its clients high quality services in the following areas:

The Fine Arts

  • Classification, coding and cataloguing
  • Photography for documentation
  • Internet and print reproduction usage
  • Internet linkage

Documentation of Archival Material – Artists Photographs, Letters, Invites, Catalogues, etc.