Dag Modern brings a basket of unmatched services that can take your collection to a new level. These services will help you not only build collections, evaluate works or authenticate them but also preserve such collections by creating aesthetic and protective displays. These collections can also be professionally documented. So you can pursue your passion without apprehensions.

DAG's offers a wide range of services from which clients can meet their individual needs and interests. For practical purposes, these services have been divided into the broad categories listed below:

Valuation Reports are also designed based on specific requirements:

  • Valuation for accounting and asset management of collections
  • Valuation for Insurance and Replacement cost appraisals for damages
  • Market valuations for sale, purchase or consignment contracts

With the help of DAG's huge digitised database of Indian modern and contemporary art and our extensive archives, our team of art professionals compare artworks to determine their unique identity in terms of themes and styles and subjects, and thus give you a more accurate appraisal.

(As of now this service is being offered to institutions and corporates only)